Staff Tributes


KING'S EDUCATION STAFF MEMBERS - Missing, presumed in building


Brian Taylor

Cristiano Carazo-Chandler

Deborah Roberts

Elsa Torres Defrood

Gillian Sayers

Heidi Berg

Sandra Hii

Tetaki Tai Rakena ( Wally )

Timara Harca ( Lia )

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to those with missing family members or associates.


Please leave any messages of sympathy below.


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Adrienne McWhinnie (Christchurch, New Zealand) says...
I worked with the Staff and Students at Kings Education 2007/08. My heart goes out to them and their families at this time, you will never be forgotten.
Yesterday 12:36pm
Saad (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) says...
I totally have no words to express my saddness to all students and teachers and staff..
It is such a shocking news and so depressing.
all my prayers go out to all.
Gillian, elsa and Tetaki were my best teachers...
Rest In Peace to all.
11th March 2011 6:09pm
Terry Kwok (Hong Kong) says...
It's a pain, but you will always be in our memory, our beloved teachers
11th March 2011 11:14am
Apex Education and ex-student (Bangkok, Thailand) says...
I was horrified to hear the news from Chirstchurch and saddened to know Brian, teachers, staffs and other people who were missing from this tragedy. We know Brian for many years and have been visiting his school with a group of Thai students. Brian is very nice, kind, friendly and well-taken care of us. He will be stayed in our heart and mind ever and ever. We would like to express our deepest sorry to Prue Taylors and everyone who lost their beloved. Our thoughts are now with everyone there.
10th March 2011 4:13pm
Mark Elderton (Christchurch, New Zealand) says...
I worked for Kings Education in 2006. The staff showed great qualities of compassion and humility and were fantastic people to work with. My sympathies go out to all those affected by this tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers are particularly for Elsa, Tetaki and Brian at this difficult time.
10th March 2011 3:12pm
Renee Selby-Jones (Sydney, Australia) says...
I am at such a loss to know what to say.
i had the pleasure of meeting all of those staff memebers many times on my visits to King's over the years.
Particularly Elsa- who was such a wonderful, quirky and dedicated ELT teacher.
My sincerest condolences to their families.
I can only imagine how hard it must be for you all.
Cry a lot, hug a lot- and be there to support each other.
10th March 2011 2:55pm
James (Melbourne, Australia) says...
Condolences to all student and staff at Kings College. May those who perished rest in peace and may all surviving members continue down your education pathways with success.
10th March 2011 1:13pm
Sutteeporn Moolsart (Bangkok, Thailand) says...
Dear Brian, Elsa, Gillian, Lia, Hetaki, Sandra and the others....I am very sorrow for this event. I dreamed about you all 2 weeks ago before the quake. I should have phoned you to say something. As I told you that you are my best teachers, you will be in my mind forever...Be happy in the peaceful life..I love you all.
10th March 2011 6:00am
Catherine (Xi'an, China) says...
Dear Brian

I hope this note can get to you. I still can remember the time we spend together in Xi'an to discuss about nursing students and possibility to start ealye childhood teaching program.

It is a time to rest my friend, good bye

9th March 2011 3:12am
RAJESH BHATIA (India, India) says...
i would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone in Christchurch who has been affected by Tuesday’s earthquake, and those around the country who are concerned for friends and family. Our thoughts are with all of you
8th March 2011 11:02pm
Kalai (Kl, Malaysia) says...
my heartfelt sympathies to all who lost their loved ones in this quake. i met brian in melbourne last year and has been in contact with him since then. Brian was supposed to come down to KL end of March. i cant believe this is happening. RIP.
8th March 2011 8:17pm
Ahmad Alobathani (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) says...
I'm so sad to know that Mr. Brian is missing in this tragedy. I sympathize with his family and all missing families. it is really big shock to me to loos these nice people who we share them nice moments.
I wish i could help the rescuers. I consider NZ my second home and i feel so sorry and depressed.
7th March 2011 11:49pm
gloria (Riverside, US) says...
Even though many perished in the quake, they will not be forgotten. It saddens us that they were at the wrong time and at the wrong place, even as Eccl.9:11 says, time and unforseen occurence befall us all. We find true comfort though in Jesus' promise that, one day they will come out and hear his voice . Acts 24:15 says there is a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous. I look forward to seeing all of them in the new system of things.
7th March 2011 8:07pm
Cassie Carter (San Luis Obispo, US) says...
I am so terribly sad to read this news. I got to know Brian when he was at Science Alive and had the honor of working with him on a couple of projects when I was at the CA Science Center and through ASTC. He was a remarkable person and I will miss him. My heart goes out to his family and colleagues for your loss. I am truly sorry.
7th March 2011 8:04am
Sharon Beattie (Wanaka, New Zealand) says...
We send all our love and sympathy to the students, staff, and families of King's Education. We are so sorry.
6th March 2011 9:15pm
Stephen Tyerman (Christchurch, New Zealand) says...
From Stephen, part-time teacher: If anyone would like to get in touch with me, my cellphone no. is: 021 2033 542. Happy to do whatever I can for anyone.
6th March 2011 6:01pm
Dawn Varga (Auckland, New Zealand) says...
My heartfelt thoughts go out to all the teachers, staff & families associated with Kings at this time. I have wonderful memories of times spent with staff and students and cannot imagine the anguish you are going through. Kia kaha.


4th March 2011 12:25pm
Gillian Skyrme (Palmerston North, New Zealand) says...
Elsa was a vibrant and caring person whom I knew over many years. My deepest sympathy to Elsa's family and colleagues.
4th March 2011 3:55pm
Gillda Popescu Stoian (Bucuresti, Romania) says...
Mrs Lia Harca was my English teacher during 1990-1994 high school (Nicolae Balcescu, Craiova), an wonderful teacher, to whom I owe most part of the English I know today. May GOD do a miracle!
4th March 2011 11:14am
Javiera (Santiago, Chile) says...
As an agency in Chile we deeply regret the lost of lives at your school. Our hearts and prayers are with you. Stay strong!
4th March 2011 8:56am
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