Status of staff and students at Kings Education after Earthquake (Posted 11.20 pm 25/2/11)

We have been advised of the following status of staff and students connected with the Kings Education building - that collapsed in the Christchurch earthquake.


The information on our list has been obtained from the Ministry of Education, Public Trust and eyewitness accounts.

*** indicates a recent change in status due to new information received.

By way of explanation:

"Missing presumed in building"... means that the student was seen in the building prior to the earthquake.

"Status unknown"..means that we do not know if the student was in the building or not.

Any further updates should be emailed to [email protected]



Kings Staff who are unaccounted for

Brian Taylor
Cristiano Carazo-Chandler
Deborah Roberts
Elsa Torres Defrood
Gillian Sayers
Heidi Berg
Sandra Hii
Tetaki Tairakena (Wally)
Timara Harca (Lia)


Kings Staff who are Accounted for

Margaret Aydon
Margaret Bray
Marie-Claire Brehaut
Megan Muirson
Ron Godkin
Rosa Scott


Toyama Group Teachers

David Horsley Advised safe
Ms Kiyu Advised safe


Emi Murakami Missing
Hiroko Sato Staying with NZ resident***
Kayo Kanamaru Missing presumed in the building
Kento Okuda Returned to Japan ***
Marina Arai Missing
Megumi Horita Missing
Mina Yamatani Missing
Narumi Kuroda Living with host family***
Norika Masutani Injured, at Christchurch Hospital
Rika Iwakura Rescued, in Wellington Hospital***
Yuki Hasumoto Missing
Risa Kakizawa minor injuries, with host family ***
Saki Yokota Missing
Saori Kikuda Missing
Saya Sakuda Missing
Tomoki Ishikuro Missing
Yoshiko Hirauchi Missing***
Yukio Minami Injured, with host family
Yurika Uchihira Status unknown***


Other students

April Lem Andit (Philippines) Advised safe
Clarisse Arellano (Philippines) Advised safe
Dennis Demanawa (Philippines) Advised safe
Genelou Guzman (Philippines) Advised safe
Gilyn Mesiona (Philippines) Advised safe
HuiJun To (China) Missing presumed in building
Jittra Waithayatadapong (Thailand) Missing presumed in building***
John-John Macayan (Philippines) Advised safe***
Juhani Ramos( Philippines) Advised safe
Louise Amantillo (Philippines) Missing presumed in building***
Simeon Canto (Philippines) Advised safe
Siriphan Wongbunngam (Thailand) Status Unknown
Valquin Bensurto (Philippines) Missing presumed in building***
Hitomi Inoue (Japan) Advised safe***
Hsin Hung Lee (Taiwan) Status Unknown
Mohammed Alsallum (Saudi Arabia) Advised safe***
Naon Yu (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Nawaf Almaki (Saudi Arabia) Advised safe
Yasuhiro Kitagawa (Japan) Status Unknown
Cai Ying Ye (China) Missing presumed in building***
Cai Yu (China) Missing presumed in building
Haruki Hyakuman (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Lai Chang (China) Missing presumed in building
Man Jin (China) Status Unknown
Methawarin Bunjong (Thailand) Advised safe
Phimphorn Lianchuea (Thailand) Status Unknown***
Toshiko Imaoka (Japan) Missing presumed in building
WeiYu Zhang (China) Status Unknown
Xiling Han (China) Status unknown***
Yoko Sakurai (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Yoko Suzuki (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Yuki Hamaski (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Yuko Hirabayashi (Japan) Missing presumed in building***
Ivy Jane Cabunalis (Philippines) Status unknown***
Chiho Mochida (Japan) Advised safe
Gilhwan Yu (Korean) Status Unknown***
Jay Ian Payot (Philippines) Advised safe***
Li Xia (China) Status Unknown***
Mayumi Asakawa (Japan) Advised safe***
Yumiko Hata (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Jinyan Leng (China) Status Unknown***
Naif Alshammari (Saudi Arabia) Advised safe***
Saki Ueno (Japan) Advised safe With homestay***
Jinyu Huang (China) Advised safe***
Akiko Taniguchi (Japan) Advised safe***
Ayako Yamaguchi (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Bai Yin Miao (China) Advised safe
Budsarin Ketpichai (Thailand) Advised safe***
Dai Jing (China) Status Unknown
Didi Zhang (China) Missing presumed in building***
Erica Nora (Philippines) Status Unknown
Haruthaya Luangsuranpeesa (Thailand) Missing presumed in building
Hifumi Hoshiba (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Hiroko Tamano (Japan) Missing presumed in building***
Hong Ling Liu (China) Advised safe
Hui Zhang (China) Missing presumed in building
Jia Hui Lei (China) Advised safe
Jing Ge (China) Advised safe
Li De (China) Status Unknown
Li Ming Wang (China) Missing presumed in building***
Lin Lin Xu (China) Missing presumed in building***
Miki Hayasaka (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Noriko Ostubo (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Rhea Mae Sumalpong (Philippines) Missing presumed in building***
Rika Hyuga (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Tamara Cvetanova (Czechoslovakia) Missing presumed in building***
Thanydha Intrarangkun (Thailand) Missing presumed in building***
Trisha Tirol (Philippines) Advised safe***
Wang Tao (China) Missing presumed in building
Wanju Li (China) Missing presumed in building***
Wanpen Preeklang (Thailand) Missing presumed in building
Wen He (China) Missing presumed in building***
Xiaoli Zhou (China) Status Unknown***
Xu Xui Juan (China) Missing presumed in building***
Yan Tao Zhong (China) Missing presumed in building
Yang Chen (China) Missing presumed in building
Yuki Kobayashi (Japan) Advised safe
Yuwadee Yowarach (Thailand) Advised safe
Zhehui Bai (China) Advised safe***


New Monday Starters (21/2/11)

Asuka Tsuchihashi (Japan) Missing presumed in building
Emmabelle Anoba (Philippines) Status Unknown
Ezra Mae Medalle (Philippines) Status Unknown
Hui Yun Tu (China) Status Unknown
Jessie Lloyd Redoble (Philippines) Missing presumed in building
Jewel Fransciso (Philippines) Missing presumed in building
John Kristoffer Chua (Philippines) Missing presumed in building***
Kiyoshi Tsukamoto (Japan) Advised safe***
Kyoko Kawahata (Japan) Status Unknown
Lalaine Agatep (Philippines) Missing presumed in building
Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed Balawhal (Yemen) Advised safe***
Noriko Tsukamoto (Japan) Advised safe***